Silver Bead Jewellery

The price of gold shows no sign of abating. This is despite the fact that the stock markets are slowly picking up pace and investors, their faith punctured by the global economic collapse that took place in 2008, are investing more of their money in bonds and shares in a hope to gain maximum return on investment. The reality is that the price of the precious yellow metal has spiraled beyond the reach of the common person. However, one cannot say the same thing about silver which in many cases is used for engagement rings. Even though the price of this metal has witnessed a dramatic rise in price, it is still affordable. Search online, you will find many online stores offering silver bead jewellery at affordable prices. If you want to present her with something special, why do you not buy pearls in birmingham?

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Sterling silver is not pure silver

They can then be stringed together in a silver or gold plated silver chain. Obviously, if you should be ready to fork out a huge sum if you want to buy real pearls. It is better to invest in quality cultured pearls that look like the real ones and last for many years, as long as the owner takes care of them and stores them properly when not required. Since silver is a soft metal, it is mixed with other metals like copper to increase its strength. This is known as sterling silver. You will be surprised to know that the cost of the beads depends on the skills of the craftsman. Some of the costliest beads are those that contain filigree work. Only a skilled silversmith can create such beads.

Difference in purity between silver bars and sterling silver

As you would do while purchasing any precious metal jewellery, make sure that you make your purchase from a reputable online store. While silver bars have a purity of .999 percent, sterling silver contains 92.5 percent silver mixed with some other metals. Each country has its own specifications in classifying the purity of gold and silver. Make sure that the guarantee shipped with the silver beads contains this information and has the stamp and signature of the vendor. This guarantees that you will get a fair price whenever you want to sell the silver jewellery later on. The same rule applies when you buy pearls in Birmingham, even if you purchase a cultured one. You can refer to the Mikimoto pearl grading scale to have more idea about it.

Mikimoto's AAA standards

Remember, you have to pay a high price when you buy pearls from any part of the world, especially if it meets the Mikimoto's AAA standards, which are accorded only to the best cultured pearls. Oftentimes, you will find that silver bead jewellery works out much cheaper that those made with pearls. The best advantage is that silver can be crafted to different shapes. Just a single large rhodium plated silver bead, with fine filigree work is guaranteed to delight your loved one, without burning a hole in your pocket. You should always check the price of the same material on several online stores and make your purchase from the one that offers you the best bargain.